What kind of security do you offer?

All websites hosted by QComp.net come with a standard 256 bit encryption SSL certificate at no charge.  This means that even if you are not selling products or services online, your site will be secure.  Websites with SSL certificates get a higher ranking with search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  With this in mind, we have opted to include a free standard SSL certificate with every website we host.

What is a ``responsive`` site?

A responsive website is a site that “reads” the device that is being used to access it and “responds” in a way to make the site optimized for that device.  For example, a responsive site will rearrange itself to be more readable on a cell phone, but will appear as a full-width site on a desktop.  This allows for websites to adjust to the visitor, without having to rely on third-party applications.

All QComp.net websites are responsive in nature and are part of every site we design.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method used to assist with the ranking that search engines give a website.  Proper usage of keywords, inbound links and content-rich pages all help with how a search engine sees a website.  We primarily offer local SEO, as most of our clients are only interested in obtaining local (geographically speaking) traffic.

How long does it take to build a website?

In most instances, we can have a new site up and running in about 30 days.  This depends largely on the client having all the content they want ready to be published.  If the client is prepared, the process goes very quickly.

Do you write content for my site?

We do not provide content for websites.  Why?  Because we don’t know about your business.  While we have a passion for building websites and getting your vision on the web – it is your vision.  You wouldn’t want a lawyer building your deck – you don’t want a web design company writing about your business.